Our Values

50 People (& More) Who Care is an organization dedicated to helping local businesses with direct grants funded by quarterly contributions from members.

We’d like to see other communities throughout the United States start chapters to help their local businesses.

Our goal is to achieve 100 members in each chapter, which would provide a meaningful five-figure grant each quarter.


About Us

If you are a business located in Cumberland (or surrounding area), you are are invited to apply for a grant from 50 People (& More) Who Care. The intent of the grant is to help businesses survive and grow while dealing with the challenges of both the general and local business environment. Additionally, it may be used to help establish a new business.

Each quarter, three grant requests will be selected by the members from those submitted for the quarter. The three finalists will be invited to present the reasons why their business should be awarded the grant. After the presentations, a simple majority of votes cast will determine the recipient of the grant.

The awarded grant will be immediate and will allow an infusion of cash into your business. The amount will be based on the number of members of 50 People (& More) Who Care.

You may apply for a grant every quarter except for the quarter immediately following your selection as a finalist ( whether awarded a grant or not).